The introduction of the first Dutch Powered Paraglider

In the summer of 2009 some Frisian pilots came to the conclusion that the trikes on the market today didn’t
comply to the demands as we would like to see it.

Seen the fact that within this group all the technological knowledge, equipment,
and experience was already at our disposal to design and build a trike,
the decision to start building our own was easily made.

So we started to design a powerful, affordable, DULV approved Paramotor trike. An advantage of a powerful
engine is that there can be flown with less rpm. This combined with an additional muffler, especially designed
for this engine, makes this trike one of the most silent ppg trikes on the market today.

The Limosa, that’s how the first model of Dutch PPG going to be called, will be equipped with a 3 bladed propeller
from Helix with a diameter of 1,60 meter. The measured thrust of the engine with this Helix propeller combination is in
compliance of what Simonini states in the schedule below. The propeller is especially designed for this engine by Helix.

Limosa is the Latin name for the black-tailed godwit

The Victor-1 from Simonini

The Limosa

As a power plant we have chosen for the Victor 1 of Simonini for the following reasons;
it is a powerful engine with very low maintenance costs due to the fact that it only needs a complete overhaul
every 600 hours in comparison of the mini 2 plus (200 hour) and the rotax engines (300 hour)